Will a B-12 Shot Help Me Lose Weight?

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Whether it’s a new year, a new season approaching, a vacation on the horizon, or just the fact that clothes don’t fit like they used to,
whatever the reason is for losing weight, the way you go about it is key.

We talk with clients on a consistent basis about weight. Our western culture is highly sensitive to the way we look and fortunately, we now see a turn towards the importance of how we feel. To live our best, we have to feel our best and having a healthy, stable weight can be part of living your best life.

This is why we want to share with you information on B12 shots and what the buzz is really all about. You may have heard of it before, you may have even brushed it off thinking it was a fad soon to be taken over by the next new trend. However, this holistic option for weight loss can be a healthy and well needed tool for your body to naturally lose weight and regain the energy it is in need of.

Let us explain more…

What is a B12 shot?
B12 is a vital nutrient to the nervous system and brain, provided from animal protein or supplements and promotes healthy red blood cell counts. It is key for the body to retain energy for ideal metabolism (hint, hint…healthy weight!).

Given anywhere from weekly to monthly, B12 shots consist of Cyanocobalamin, which is a form of B12 made to echo the B12 in the body. It is injected to help with B12 deficiency as well as provide the body a natural energy boost.

How can B12 shots help me? Could they really help me lose weight?
B12 shots can help clients feel better in a number of ways, and yes, can even help them lose weight.

Specifically, B12 shots can:

  • increase energy levels
  • encourage healthy metabolism levels (i.e., burn fat appropriately, use carbohydrates adequately, etc.)
  • promote clearer thinking and reduce brain fog
  • improve mood

Because of these benefits, B12 shots can lead to…yes, weight loss!
When the body has sufficient B12, it can begin to foster a healthy metabolism that burns fat appropriately and uses carbohydrates adequately. Paired with an active lifestyle and smart diet, a B12 shot can be just the means to round out a healthy weight loss plan.

How do I know if I need B12 shots?

If you’re:

  • feeling moody or down on a consistent basis
  • lack energy or feel listless
  • are having trouble losing weight
  • experiencing a foggy brain
  • frequently eating a vegetarian or vegan diet

or just don’t feel quite like yourself, you may be lacking in B12 and could benefit from B12 shots.

To find out more if these could help you feel better and get to your ideal weight, please contact us at (303) 688-6698 to schedule an appointment to test your B12 levels and discuss a possible plan for B12 shots.  We also offer other types of injection therapy including Slim Shot.

In addition, we offer B12 or Slim Shot injection therapy appointments via our online scheduling system, simply click the link below and find a time that best suits your schedule:

B12 Appointment
Slim Shot Appointment

Imagine…one call could be your key to successful weight loss!

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