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10 Ways to Take Advantage of a Farmer’s Market

Simply walking through a good farmer’s market can nourish the soul and when we bring gorgeous bounty home, it can make for a purposeful (and delicious!) experience all around.

But how can you get the most out of your visit?

Here are 10 ways we like to take advantage of local markets for more grounded living!

1. Talk with the grower.

We love to ask when produce was harvested, which ones are the ripest, and how to prepare it best.

2. Bring your own bags.

More than once we’ve been caught without our own bags and have had to forgo some of our wants because we couldn’t carry it all.  Make sure you bring a few each time!

3. Pay in cash.

Although some vendors may offer debit/credit card transactions, others do not so try to remember cash.  (It can also be easier to track your budget when you do!)

4. Go early.

We aim for earlier rather than later for less crowds and better selections.

5. Take a look around.

Vendors can vary in offerings and pricing, so we like to roam the market first, planning our meals and taking note of which stalls we wish to return to.

6. Be inspired.

Farmer’s markets give us inspiration.  The sights, smells, feels, and tastes fire up our imaginations and we love to cook based on what we find.

Try to let go of rigid expectations or needs and see where the market takes you!

7. Pick both.

Oodles of different tomato types?  A variety of unusual melons?

Pick a few and have a tasting at home.

8. Try something new.

Kohlrabi?  Romanesco?  Sunchokes?

Don’t be afraid to ask how to peel, prepare, and cook something new (your microbiome will thank you!).

9. Choose seasonal.

Cherries can abound in early summer while corn can be sweetest towards the end.  For the most nutritious and tasty produce, select which ones are in season at the moment.

10. Relax.

Enjoy the entire experience.  Savor a light lunch or sit on a bench and snack on a fresh peach.

Let the day and market take your worries away.

Want to find a farmer’s market near you?

Click here to explore ones around Colorado!

Enjoy the abundance of the earth and nourish your mind and body!

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