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3 Ways CBD Can Change Your Life

From advertisements in health magazines to a display at the local gas station, CBD seems to be everywhere we look when it comes to well-being.

And…it may just be for good reason.

CBD is a cannabinoid of the marijuana plant.  It is an extracted compound that has wondrous effects on the body and mind without a psychoactive response (such as the feeling of “getting high”).

CBD can:

– reduce inflammation 

            – calm the nervous system and reduce the release of cortisol 

            – ease nerve damage symptoms

in addition to other positive effects that are currently being researched such as support for heart health, brain protection, neurological disorders, and cancer symptoms.

So as this plant property continues to be studied, how can you use it to enhance your health right now?

While it can be used for a variety of issues, following are 3 ways it can change your life…starting today.


Are you a Colorado skier with sore knees?  A weekend warrior with a pinched neck?  

Do you suffer from arthritis?  How about chronic back pain? 

Or maybe nerve damage due to conditions such as multiple sclerosis or shingles?

Pain can be debilitating and CBD may be able to provide relief.

CBD topical balms, oils, and creams, such as Blue Sky CBD Deep Relief Balm available at our office, can be applied directly to the skin over the area of pain (like the lower back, neck, hands, knees, and shoulders).

Within minutes, the body can absorb the cannabinoid to reduce inflammation and calm damaged nerves.

Evidence is lacking that would suggest CBD is addictive or that the body builds up a tolerance to it, which means it can be an optimal way to manage pain daily or intermittently when needed.


Raising a family and trying to juggle everyone’s schedules – including your own? 

Feeling pressure at work to do more with less? 

Dealing with grief or trauma that brings on worry and fear? 

These days, it can be difficult not to face some sort of daily stress or anxiety.  However, CBD may be able to ease it.

CBD tinctures and pills are designed to help calm anxiety and effects of stress.

If feeling stressed or anxious, taking a CBD pill or a tincture (oil for under your tongue), can bring on relief within minutes and can last anywhere from hours to most of the day depending on dosage.

It can be taken daily or during times of acute stress or worry.


Do you lay awake at night willing yourself to fall asleep? 

Tired of watching the clock inch closer to your scheduled alarm? 

Just want a night of not waking up over and over again? 

CBD may be the natural treatment that gives you those desired zzz’s.

CBD pills or tinctures can be used at night to lower cortisol levels and promote healthy sleep – in regards to both falling asleep and staying asleep.

Try it nightly or use it when you can’t shut off your mind, you desire calm, or you are suffering from a night of insomnia.

Interested in learning more about CBD? 

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– why CBD doesn’t make you “high” 

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and other answers to questions you may have. 

To purchase 100% CBD oil, cream, balm, or pills at our office, please call us at (303) 688-6698 or email us at

For additional questions, click here to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to discuss the topic and your specific issue further.

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