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For a free consultation to find out if Cannabidiol (CBD) is the right fit for your health needs, please contact Dr. Graves at 303.688.6698 or schedule online. You do not need a prescription for CBD.  Simply stop by our office and purchase it from our retail shop.

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound found within the hemp plant.  It is different from the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) found in other types of medical marijuana.  In fact, CBD and THC are just 2 of the 113 cannabinoids that have been discovered in cannabis.  Cannabis is a complex, medicinal plant!

THC is the compound that produces the majority of the psychoactive response in marijuana.  It’s the one that the majority of us has linked to the plant over the years.  But now, with improved science and innovation, different compounds have been separated.  One of these is CBD.

Can I get high from CBD?
Even with the .3% THC, no.  You can’t get “high” from CBD.  You may feel more relaxed, less anxious, and sleep better due to the CBD.

CBD is not intoxicating.  Studies have shown that CBD does not activate the CB1 receptor in the brain (the reward pathway) meaning that it’s non-addictive too.    In fact it interferes with the activity of the CB1 receptor.  When cannabis is smoked, the balance of CBD to THC has a strong effect on memory and THC-induced psychosis.  CBD effects the brain and central nervous system in a different way which is why it’s known as a powerful anti-seizure and anti-anxiety herbal remedy.

Hemp vs Marijuana
CBD is extracted from the flower and leaves of the plant whereas fiber is made from the stem.  In fact, “hemp” is a type of cannabis that contains 0.3% or less THC.  “Marijuana” classifies cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC.  CBD can be extracted from hemp or from marijuana.  However, CBD derived from hemp is not regulated as a controlled substance whereas CBD derived from marijuana is regulated by the FDA and is considered a controlled substance.

Where can I buy CBD?
CBD can be purchased over the counter.  In lower doses, it’s now found in supermarket aisles in shampoo, lotions, chocolates, and more.  In higher doses, it’s used as an herbal supplement to aid in a variety of treatments for symptoms such as:



chronic pain



acute pain

digestive disorders


and more

Does Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture carry CBD?
Yes!  Our retail shop offers a CBD dispensary with high-end products from companies we’ve researched and trust.  It’s important to note that CBD is not regulated by the FDA.  That means it’s very important to research the company, their process, and the product details as well as the dosage amounts.  This also means that if you’ve tried CBD before and it didn’t work for you, it could be because of the quality or dosage amount of the product.

CBD products for medical use are found in the form of:






Click here to learn more about the different CBD products available and how they can be beneficial to your health.

What about THC products?
We do not carry any THC products.  THC is not allowed to be sold anywhere in Douglas County.  The closest THC dispensary to Castle Rock is located around the I-25 and 285 area north of us.  Although we do not carry THC products, we’re happy to discuss the details of those products and the alternatives available to you for your specific treatment plan.

Do I need a prescription for CBD?
You do not need a prescription for CBD.  You can simply come into our retail store and purchase it.  However, we do suggest an appointment with Dr. Graves to assess your overall health and discuss interactions with any other medications or supplements you may be taking.  We’re here to support you in your health journey and to make sure you get the best benefits from CBD, or we can offer other supplements that may be a better fit for your specific health needs.

Can I travel with CBD?
Yes!  CBD with less than .3% THC is legal in all 50 states and can be taken on planes.  Please be aware though that it is not legal internationally.

If you’ve looked around for a CBD product and are overwhelmed by all of the options, we’re here to help and can make sure you get the right one for you.  We’ve researched and sourced high quality products and we’re happy to share our findings with you.

Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation for more information or book your free consult online.

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