What is Functional Medicine?

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Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine.  What do those terms mean?  Are they interchangeable?  We can help you answer those questions because we offer both Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine at our clinic.

Functional Medicine
Basically, Functional Medicine’s goal is to optimize how your body functions by the least invasive methods possible.  Functional Medicine doctors take a deeper look and do more comprehensive, in-depth lab work to see how the body is functioning.  They also focus on finding the root cause of your symptoms, especially symptoms of chronic illness.

Functional lab work is something that can be ordered on an as-needed basis.  A few of the options we offer are listed below:

Comprehensive Stool Analysis – diagnose digestive issuesFunctional medicine lab tests, colorado natural medicine, castle rock
Metabolic and Nutritional Analysis – test nutritional deficiencies and metabolic analysis
Advanced Cardiovascular Analysis – heart and blood vessel health
Adrenal Stress Test – measures stress hormones in the body
Women’s Hormone Test – measures all female hormone levels
Complete Thyroid Panel – thyroid issues: fatigue, weight gain, etc
Men’s Hormone Test – measures all male hormone levels
Advanced Osteoporosis Analysis – measures bone health
Food Allergy Test – find out which foods your immune system is reacting to
Heavy Metal Toxicity – measures levels of heavy metals in the body
Neurotransmitter Analysis – measures neurotransmitter levels

Order Functional and Lab Tests Online with Ease

At Colorado Natural Medicine, we strive to make your health and wellness journey as convenient as possible. Our online portal allows you to easily order a variety of functional and lab tests from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re looking for food sensitivity testing, comprehensive hormone panels, or other specialized tests, our online system simplifies the process.

How It Works:

  1. Browse and Select: Explore our range of functional and lab tests available on our website.
  2. Order Online: Purchase your desired test kit securely through our online portal.
  3. Receive Your Kit: Your test kit will be shipped directly to your home.
  4. Complete at Home: Follow the simple instructions to complete the test in your own time.
  5. Send It Back: Use the prepaid shipping label to return your sample to the lab.
  6. Get Results: Receive a detailed analysis and schedule a consultation with Dr. Graves, ND, LAc, to review your results and discuss next steps.

Our online portal is designed to provide you with easy access to the tests you need to understand your health better and take proactive steps towards wellness.

Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic medicine takes functional medicine a step further by rooting itself in a deep philosophy of healing by treating the whole person.  Body, mind, and soul.  Naturopathic doctors (NDs) go beyond symptoms to find the root cause of illness as well as having a strong focus on prevention.  They also firmly believe that the body has the ability to heal itself.

Did you know that Functional Medicine doctors and Naturopathic doctors:

  • study both conventional clinical science and natural therapy
  • can, in many states, prescribe medications, do minor surgery, and offer nutritional IV therapy
  • can, in many states, order blood tests and imaging

Functional, integrative, holistic, and naturopathic practitioners may use more or less from conventional medicine, but their treatment modalities are much the same.  Overall, you will receive:

Best of all … you’ll receive significantly more office time to talk with your doctor!

Naturopathic and Functional Medicine doctors, through years of schooling and practice, have seen patterns in their patients.  These patterns have led them to research in specialty areas such as hormone balance, immune system function, and naturopathic gastroenterology.

Naturopathic and Functional Medicine is often at the forefront of medical science in finding the cause behind the symptoms, the root cause.  Naturopathic and Functional Medicine doctors can help you find natural / herbal alternatives to antibiotics, pain killers, muscle relaxants, steroids, etc.  In doing so, you may avoid or be relieved of secondary symptoms that those medications can cause including the possibility of side effects that may create chronic conditions, illnesses, and diseases.

It is our sincere hope that you find your best health.  Your body has the innate ability to heal itself, Colorado Natural Medicine + Acupuncture is here to help support you.  Call us today at 303.688.6698 or go online to schedule your 15 minute consult with Dr. Graves, a Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Doctor.  Our team here in Castle Rock is ready to optimize your natural health!

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