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Savoring the End of Summer Flavors

This time of year can feel like a kiss from the earth – providing sweet, juicy produce ripe with nutrients to enjoy during warm, sunshine filled days and cool, calming nights.  It’s like an ode to the end of summer and one that we look forward to savoring.

Following Dr. Graves’ seasonal eating approach, it can be easy and fun to delight in the abundance nature gives us as we edge towards fall, so visit a local farmer’s market or grocer and stock up on the delicious produce!

Here are a few ways to savor the season:

Tomato Tasting

You or someone in your family not a fan of tomatoes?  It may be because you (or them) haven’t found the right one!

One of our families finds joy by having “tastings.”  To do this, slice a variety of tomatoes (such as cherry, beefsteak, and heirloom or grocery store versus farmer’s market) and let everyone discover which ones they love most.

Peaches and Protein

Forget dessert, peaches can add just the right amount of sweetness to every course!

We love pairing these beauties (particularly those from Palisade, Colorado) with protein for a beautiful summer twist on the usual.

Some ways to do this are:

Get Corny

Yep, we went there.  Corn this time of year can be a fun way to enjoy a touch of sweetness without added sugars.  Simply A-MAIZE-ING!

Here are some recipes to get you started:

Embrace Fresh Herbs

Hats off to herbs as they are some of the most scrumptious flavors of the earth!  Although we can use many of them dried throughout the entire year, spice up your palette by including fresh ones at the end-of-summer.

A few ideas are:

Basil – make homemade pesto to top off vegetable soup or add it to

Panzanella Salad with Mozzarella and Herbs

Chives – sprinkle on top of scrambled eggs or add to a dish such as

Kale and White Bean Pot Pie with Chive Biscuits

Mint – use it to jazz up infused fruit waters or diced watermelon salad as well as

preparing a fresh side such as Classic Tabbouleh

Cilantro – add cilantro to such soup as Yucatan-Style Chicken and Rice Soup

Inspired to use summer’s harvest to liven up your diet?  With all the colors and flavors the season offers, it’s time to eat up.  Don’t wait until they’re gone!

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