MTHFR, Methylation, Epigenetics, SNPs, …..genetics and your health!

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Epigenetics and/or nutrigenomics is the science of how our personal genetic makeup interacts with nutrition to produce disease, health and wellness. Without going into hours of lecture on biochemistry, I will try to sum up what we currently know and how that may relate to your heath.


1)  Methylation and MTHFR can be a contributor to many health issues people face such as: infertility, hormone imbalances, anxiety, depression, fatigue and heart issues.

2)  Methylation is only part of the equation. Diet, lifestyle, exercise and habits all play a part in either working with or working against our individual genetics.

3)  Testing for MTHFR, methylation and/or other snp’s (genetic variations) is pretty straightforward and relatively inexpensive. Visit and take their genetic test.  PLEASE ignore their FDA disclaimer, it does not pertain to the raw data.  We work only with the raw data.  After 6-8 weeks you will to receive your results.

4)  Once you receive the results visit and use sterling’s app to generate a methylation/snp report. Instructions are provided.

5)  Once you have your methylation report, give us call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adam Graves. He will take your case, review your methylation profile and start you on an individual plan to support your own genetic makeup.


To schedule a free 15 minute initial consult call 303.688.6698 or click here

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