12 tips to start the New Year!

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1) Get at least 8 hours of "RESTFUL" sleep.  Getting enough sleep helps lower heart disease, can aid in weight loss and boost your memory! If you are having trouble falling or staying asleep, let us know we want to help!      

2) Drink water!  We live in Colorado, so you can never drink enough water. Try to avoid sugary/caffeine drinks. If you need something sweet, consider spending those left over Christmas gift cards on a Juicer or Vita mix!

3) If you are hoping to make permanent changes, make small positive goals such as "I’m going to get healthy and be active!"

4) Start Moving! Start small by doing something fun that’s active like join a yoga class or partner up with a friend and go to a fun gym class!

5) Take your Vitamin D3 (800-1000 IU a day) and fish oils (at least 800 mg of EPA + DHA a day).  These are the two nutrients that almost every American needs to take due to wide spread Vitamin D deficiency and low intake of healthy oils and fish!

6) Try to eat more fruits, veggies, fish and less red meat!  We all have heard this one since we were kids "eat your veggies!" Make it a priority to increase fruits and veggies in your diet this year!

7) Try Acupuncture or Massage to help manage stress! Stress is a killer but something we all have, so finding tools to help you manage and relieve your stress can add quality and quantity to your life!

8) Don't use food to try to fix emotional issues. Although food can give us a quick mood boost, it seldom produces long term relief from stress, anxiety and depression. If you struggle with any of these issues, let us know, we can help!

9) Be realistic in your resolutions. Make small attainable goals and give yourself a reward when you reach them.  This method is more successful than making major changes all at once!

10) Eat more super foods like berries, dark chocolate, and garlic. Eating about a teaspoon of garlic a day lowered disease causing chemicals in the body by 48%.

11) Know your health numbers to prevent disease. Getting preventative screening for cholesterol, thyroid, blood sugar and Vitamin D can help prevent disease and these issues can all be treated with natural medicine vs. drugs. A little knowledge can help increase quality and quantity of life without the use of medications!

12)  Choose us for your health care needs! Patients who used natural medicine reported using less medication and experienced an overall improvement in well being! So come on in and get healthy in 2012!  Call us at 303-688-6698 or click HERE for an appointment.

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