Summer Party Tips

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That beach chair has my name on it.

Sure, I’ll have another margarita!

How can I pass up an extra helping of potato salad?!

The joys of summer!  And even better…the joys of summer parties!

Some of us wait all year for these blissful days of lounging around with family and friends, soaking up the sun, and indulging in the flavors of the season.

But what happens when all of our summer partying leaves us feeling tired and bloated with a few extra pounds we are lugging around?  It’s enough to feel self-conscious  in our swimsuit before the party, not to mention how we feel after!

This year, have some tips in your back pocket to adhere to for some summer fun you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Following are our top 10 tips to Healthy Summer Partying!

  1. Remember One Water for Every Drink. If you’re going to enjoy any type of summer drink at a party, chances are it has plenty of sugar and maybe even alcohol. No matter what the drink you partake in, follow each one with an eight ounce glass of water to continue to flush out sugar and toxin build-up.
  1. Get in Your Movement. If a day at the pool leaves you lounging more than swimming, schedule a workout before you go. Not only will this free up some space for extra calories you may enjoy throughout the day, but you may also feel a little more confident in that swimsuit later on!
  1. Reach for the Rainbow First. We know how appetizing baked beans and pasta salad can be, so before going overboard on these treats, grab fresh fruits and vegetables and start with a plate of those first. The fiber and extra water can help you feel more full and give your body the nutrients it needs before you fill up on starches and carbs.
  1. Don’t Forget Your Probiotic. Support your GI tract before it gets overloaded from rich, fatty foods by taking a daily probiotic.
  1. Support Your Liver. Pretty sure you’re going to need to detox after the party? Get a head start by taking a liver support supplement before going and after you get back to help the organ process and remove unwanted toxins that are ingested. We reach for Liver C™ by Mountain Peak Nutritionals®.
  1. Eat Protein Before and After. If you’re worried about over-indulging, try to prevent it in the first place by eating protein before you arrive. And if you find that you did over-indulge with sugar and/or alcohol, eating protein before bed can help stabilize your blood sugar throughout your sleep for less waking.
  1. Get Up and Have Fun! Even though it’s fun to sit around and talk to others, it can be just as enjoyable to engage family and friends in a game of badminton, while paddling a canoe, or even on a neighborhood walk.  Try to keep yourself moving throughout the party so your body isn’t stagnant.
  1. Make a Reminder to Slather it Up. It may be easy to remember to put on sunscreen before you leave, but create a reminder alarm on your phone to reapply every few hours or depending on the activity.
  1. Be Part of a Healthy Menu. Not up for that creamy salad? The rich grilled meats? Or the overly sweet dessert? Then stop worrying about what to eat and bring some healthy dishes of your own!  You may be surprised how many others are attracted to the healthy options as well.
  1. Don’t Deprive Yourself. The food choices you’ve made throughout the day are pretty good, but you are craving the pie and ice cream. What do you do? Enjoy! Don’t deprive yourself of some fun and indulgence.  Try to remember that health is about balance!

If you find yourself off to some good summer parties this season or throwing one of your own, remember these 10 tips!

And if you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, or the Greater Denver Metro area and find yourself in need of a detox from too much fun, don’t hesitate to call us at (303) 688-6698 or click here to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to explain how you are feeling and learn what may naturally help.

We wish you a wonderful summer party season in which you can have fun and stay healthy all at the same time!

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