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3 Tips for Space, Simplicity, and Health in Your Life and Home 

Do you ever feel that you can’t possibly take on one more thing? 

Is your mind so cluttered you can’t think straight sometimes? 

Do you have moments when you just wish things were simpler?

In today’s western society where more is more, our homes and personal spaces can easily accumulate “stuff” that isn’t helpful or healthy – which can lead to an overload in our physical and mental spaces.

Spring can be a great time to declutter and simplify,
making healthier choices along the way. 

  1. Simplify

Life is complicated sometimes and we don’t need our environment to enhance that.  Begin making more space in your life and mind by simplifying.

Take one space in your home – a room, a closet, a cabinet, etc. and throw away, recycle, or donate any item that is not serving a purpose for you anymore.

It can seem daunting at first, so start small with just your bathroom cabinet, for example.  Be mindful of how you feel after each little space is simplified.

  1. Purify

Did you know that:

 – many common cleaning products are comprised of harmful toxins such as parabens, phallates, BPA, and pesticides? 

 – furniture, rugs, paint, and containers give off unhealthy gases? 

 – artificial scents in laundry detergents, perfumes, and body products can carry carcinogenic compounds?

The liver works hard to detoxify these “endocrine disruptors” as well as your own hormones.  When it gets overloaded with too much, it can create a toxic burden and result in hormone imbalance.

To purify your environment:

 – use clean, fragrance and chemical-free cleaning products when possible (slowly switch when you have to buy more)

 – use an air filter if possible (change out home air filters and/or opt for an in-room plug-in air filter)

 – place houseplants around your home to clean the air

 – open windows frequently (or at least, when you are cleaning)

  1. Prioritize

What’s most important to you?  Your family?  Your Health?  Your Friends?  Your Interests?

Decide what you want the space in your physical and mental environment to be filled with and focus on those things.

If politics are taking up too much space – take a break from the news.

If worrying about the virus is overrunning your mind – take a day to do something fun for yourself or with your household family.

If having a perfectly cleaned house is a must all of the time – let it go for one weekend and read a book, go for a hike, or take the kids to the park instead.

Think about what your time, energy, and mind, are being consumed by most of the time.  Make sure you give yourself time for thought and reflection each week.

You don’t have to succumb to our culture’s beliefs of doing more, buying more, and being more.  Happiness and success may all come down to we choose to live our lives – what we let in (physically and mentally) as well as what we let go of.

A naturopathic lifestyle can help you find peace, contentment, and happiness in addition to optimal health.  For support in this, please call us at (303) 688-6698 or click here to schedule a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Graves.

Our office can assist you with natural options to treat issues such as stress, anxiety, pain, heavy metal overload, low energy, sleep disruptions, digestive upset, and hormone imbalance.  We provide holistic health care services such as acupuncture, herbal supplements, massage, and counseling for those in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, and the greater Denver metro area.  For those outside of these areas, virtual appointments are available.

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