Natural Solutions for High Blood pressure

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High blood pressure affects millions of men and women across the US. Many people are looking for alternatives, homeopathic, natural medicine instead of their prescription medication to keep their blood pressure or hypertension within the normal range. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to lower blood pressure without medication.


As with all conditions, a holistic approach to high blood pressure works best. First we start with the basics like avoiding cigarettes, which can increase blood pressure and reducing alcohol intake for men to less than two drinks a day, and women to one drink a day.  As for diet, many things can help such as reducing salt and caffeine while increasing fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Not only does this help with blood pressure, but the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables help protect the blood vessels from plaques and atherosclerosis. The third factor is exercise and physical activity. Not only does physical activity help the blood vessels elasticity and lower blood pressure, it also helps manage stress which can lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, you get twice the benefits for high blood pressure with exercise. Acupuncture treatments can be helpful for high blood pressure by relaxing the vessels and balancing the body’s nervous system. Finally, adding in targeted natural solutions for high blood pressure like CoQ10, arginine, magnesium, hawthorne, rauwolfia, etc can help normalize blood pressure.


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