Are My Hormones Out of Balance?

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Are you feeling off? Are you wondering if your hormones are out of balance? Have you been to your regular physician and they just want you on birth control? Or  have they tested your hormones and say they were normal but you don't feel normal?

Many of my patients come to me with situations similar to these. Hormones can be a delicate balance to create stable moods, cycles, energy and overall feeling of well being. The most important thing with hormones is not if you have enough of them but if they are in BALANCE.  Balancing hormones is what we specialize in. Estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, cortisol, testosterone, DHEA, pregnenlone, etc., all need to be in balance for you to feel your best!

Some of the signs that your hormones are off are moodiness, irregular cycles, weight gain, sleep issues, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, low libido and many others. If you feel your hormones are out of balance but don't feel like you are being heard at your regular doctor then give us a call. Once we take your case, we can decipher what hormones are out of balance and then order appropriate testing. Once we get the results we can start nutritional, herbal, nutrients and natural hormone support where its needed most. Once your hormones begin to get balanced you can start feeling like  yourself again!  

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