3 reasons weight loss fails!

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Its that time of year, maybe you are considering a diet, are in the middle of one, or have already given up due to lack of time, results or hectic life schedule getting in the way. Well hopefully I can give you a little insight and motivation to continue on your health journey. Here are 3 things I have seen help patients succeed with their weight loss goals.





1) Identify and eliminate hidden food allergies/sensitivities

 Many patients struggle with their health and weight due to hidden and delayed food allergies. These food allergies, also know as food intolerances, can cause a low grade inflammation that causes the body to retain weight.  Many people go on diets to reduce calories, but without eliminating food intolerances, they don't see the results they expected. When you test and eliminate food intolerances, not only do you lose weight, many other health issues improve too. Peaked your interest? Check out our special this month for food intolerance testing here. You can also read more on food allergies here


2) Balance Hormones

Up until about age 30, the eat less and exercise more system works well. Past thirty, hormones start to shift and this system begins to fail leading to frustration and loss of motivation. Once age comes into place, the formula shifts to and individualized plan of eat right, exercise right and balance your hormones.  Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, Testosterone and Thyroid all play a part in weight management. Start by coming in to test your hormones and balance them with nutritional herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle. 


3) Mindset and Expectations

Are  you looking for weight loss or fat loss? Weight loss can be quick, but about 90% of the time it eventually results in gaining the weight back and even more. Fat loss is different.  It takes time to dial in on what works for you to lose fat, gain muscle and change your metabolism so that you have long term weight management instead of the typically yo yo dieting most Americans go through. I recommend shooting for weight lose goals of 1-4 lbs a month. This way you can figure out what specific changes are working for you and develop more long term lifestyle tools to help maintain a healthy weight instead of just trying to drop pounds quickly.


To discover more on why you can't lose the weight, contact us!  You can start by scheduling a free 15 minute initial consult here.  



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