Hormone Harmony & Balance Package

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The balance of hormones in the body can be likened to a symphony. It’s the balance of each hormone, or instrument, in perfect harmony with the others that collectively produces a balanced body, or lovely music. When a single instrument or section of the orchestra is out of tune, the entire composition is compromised. Similarly, when a single hormone or balance of hormones is out of sync, the whole body will feel the effect.

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Do you lack energy and desire increased vitality?

Would you like to enjoy better quality and more restful sleep?

Would you love a sharper memory, better concentration – or as I like to call it getting the sass back in your brain

Do you want to conquer sugar and salt cravings?

Has your libido decreased?

When you heal your hormones, you improve your life. And the best way to start is to know where you’re starting from. In this package you’ll receive a Comprehensive Hormone Evaluation and then most importantly, you’ll learn how to achieve hormonal balance. Here is what you get:

Comprehensive Hormone Functional Lab Panel: Measures all sex and stress hormones. VALUE $255

Functional Lab Results Interpretation: Session to review results and recommendations and collect information for customized recipe & meal plan. VALUE $95

Customized Recipe & Meal Plan: Collection of recipes and a sample weekly meal plan of how to combine based on your unique results and input. VALUE $295

6 Weekly Slim Shots: The Slim Shot is a vitamin and nutrient injection comprised of B vitamins, vitamin C, methionine, choline, inositol, and lidocaine. These nutrients support the liver and help it burn fat more effectively, resulting in stronger fat metabolism and better hormone balance. Learn more about Slim Shots here.  VALUE $210

This package is valued at $855, but we are offering it to 10 clients for only $595. That’s over a 30% savings!

We’re only working with 10 clients at this reduced rate, so reserve your package ASAP by calling 303-688-6698 or emailing info@coloradonaturalmed.com.

Hormone Harmony & Balance Package Directions

  1. Reserve your package. Call 303-688-6698 or email info@coloradonaturalmed.com to reserve your package at this special price.
  2. Pick up your test kit & requisition form. When you call to reserve your package, we’ll set aside a test kit, requisition form, and instructions for how to complete the test. Just stop into the office to pick up.
  3. Schedule results interpretation session. Once we receive your results, we’ll call you to schedule a phone appointment with our nutritionist to review the results and collect information for your customized recipe & meal plan.
  4. Schedule recipe & meal plan session. Our nutritionist will schedule a second call with you to present your customized recipe and meal plan.
  5. Schedule your weekly slim shots. For best results, schedule one shot per week for 6 weeks. Scheduling can be done online here, or by calling the office at 303-688-6698.


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