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What are hidden and delayed food allergies?


Millions of Americans suffer from the symptoms of food allergy or intolerance and don’t know it.  Common foods eaten by most people can produce a variety of physical and mental disorders.  Much has been learned about treating food allergies/intolerances once they’ve been discovered.  With great patience and good detective work, many people are able to discover the offending food items.  In other cases, you may want to confer with a physician regarding this problem.


What are some of the symptoms of food allergies?


A wide range of symptoms from headache to heartburn, arthritis, anxiety, rashes, restlessness, stuffed nose, suicidal feelings, constipation or colitis, can result from the foods and drinks we like best or eat most often. These symptoms most likely indicate hidden and delayed food allergies. Other reactions can occur suddenly and are more serious producing symptoms as severe as breathing impairment, skin rashes or urticaria (hives) or even shock.  People who react in this way to certain foods usually know from experience that they have a problem with true and severe food allergies.


More often, however, unsuspected food intolerances produce a variety of milder, annoying symptoms, which linger and recur.  Such symptoms as sinus congestion, headaches, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, asthma, and colitis are fairly common physical reactions.  Mental and emotional problems are common as well because the brain and nervous system are part of the physical body, susceptible to physical as well as psychological influences.  Depression, anxiety, irritability and hyperactivity in adults or children are often caused by chronic food intolerance.


How to detect hidden and delayed food allergies?


To detect food allergies I use an  ELISA food allergy test. This test measures the immune reaction to 96 common foods. Once the test results are in, then the foods that you react to need to be eliminated until symptoms improve. Finding and eliminating your food allergies can be a big step in your journey to recover and long term health and wellness. For help in this journey, give us a call at 303-688-6698 or click HERE for an appointment. 


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