The Peaceful Mom Series: Physicality of Motherhood

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“The Physicality of Motherhood” – Part 2 of 4

Gain insight on how the body handles family and career stressors and the dangers moms face because of it.  Learn about different adaptogen naturopathic herbs that can support the body’s stress response and other physical options targeted for stress release.

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The following was written by a mom, Kristy, whom you first met in the intro video to this series:

It was always easy for me to put everyone and everything (the house, the clothes, meals, etc.!) in front of my relaxation. I came to a point in which I couldn’t slow down and felt guilty if I did.

Do you ever feel that you can’t ever get everything done and work to the bone to try to?

Eventually that lifestyle took a toll on my physical health. General practitioners had difficulty figuring out what was going on and is what ultimately led me to contact Dr. Graves. Immediately, he recognized how my “get it all done and on my own” lifestyle was contributing to my problems. Through adaptogen herbs he prescribed, his holistic counseling, and acupuncture, my symptoms began to disappear, after 2 years straight of them happening everyday.

If you’re worried your stress and anxiety is becoming chronic, here are his recommendations for adaptogen herbs to get you started on calming down:

Adrenomend by Douglas Labs


Adrenal Response by Innate Formulas

Remember, Dr. Graves has a variety of options to help you find balance physically as a mom. With fluctuating hormones and daily stressors, it’s important we take care of ourselves before problems arise.

Questions about natural herbs vs. pharmaceutical drugs? Read our blog about it here.

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