The Peaceful Mom Series: Finding Yourself Again

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“Finding Yourself Again – as an Individual” – Part 4 of 4

 Have you lost yourself in the chaos?  In the constant car pools, play dates, snacks, and cleaning?  Are you barely keeping up with your marriage and counting on that glass of wine or two a night to relax?  It’s easy to loose yourself in the duty of being a mom.  Now, it’s time to take yourself back again.  Regain your sense of self, what you need to be your best self and your best self to your children and spouse.  Take the steps towards happiness now.

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The following was written by a mom, Kristy, whom you first met in the intro video to this series:

If I asked you to describe yourself, would most of your answers revolve around your role in the family? That’s wonderful! To an extent. With all of your duties as a mom, who else are you? Or has any of that been put on the back burner?

As a head strong entrepreneur who owned her own company, I fought the loss of myself after losing my parents and adopting my children. I could feel my sense of self slip away a little each day, and even though I tried to stay strong against it, eventually I gave in.

Years later, I now have 2 children in school full time and have actual time to be with myself. But, I don’t know who that is anymore. In working with Dr. Graves, he has helped me reshape my career, find my passions again, and encourage my self-care. I know this process won’t take place overnight, but I’m enjoying the journey. And, not only am I finding more peace while finding myself, but my children are noticing. They want to learn more about my hobbies and interests now, too!

If you don’t think you’re living your best self or even know who that best self is, you may want to contact Dr. Graves to talk about how you feel and ways you can find your way back to yourself.

Is it time to do it for you and your family?

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