The Peaceful Mom Series: Emotionality of Motherhood

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Yes, there are times you want to cry.  There are times that you have reached your limit.  IT’S NORMAL!  This discussion will touch on the emotional challenges of being a mom, the loneliness that sometimes accompanies it, and the frustration that can come so easily.  Learn healthy ways to cope to gain your patience back and your true happiness in being in the moment with your family.

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“The Emotionality of Motherhood” – Part 3 of 4

The following was written by a mom, Kristy, who you first met in the intro video to this series:

Being a mom is an emotional part of life. Not only with ourselves, but with our children and marriage. Have you ever put on a “good face” in order to hide your emotions from your family? Have you ever felt alone or misunderstood because of it?

I’m really good at that. I could probably even win an award for it if there was a competition! After my parents passed away, I seemed to put my emotions in a box and place the box in the farthest corner of my closet. I needed to be strong for my newly adopted children, my husband, and myself. There was no time or space for MY emotions, I had other people to take care of and worry about.

This made me feel utterly alone. Not only did I not open up to anyone, but I worried that no one would understand if I did anyway. It wasn’t until I began talking with Dr. Graves that I started to share and recognize what I had been through. I began to give my emotions space and lean into them. In the process, I’m slowly coming out of the shock of the past few years. Talking with Dr. Graves gave me comfort, a safe place to share, and I felt true compassion. Even though other problems were facing the world, he encouraged me to recognize the importance of my own emotional state in order to then help others.

Do you feel alone in your emotions? Do you feel they aren’t worthy of exploring or that others may judge you if you opened up?

If you think it could helpful to talk with someone about your inner fears and worries, contact Dr. Graves at (303) 668-6898 for his perspective and advice. It may be just the thing to help you heal.

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