Jeannette McMahan

Jeannette McMahan, MS, LPCC, holistic counseling, 80104

Jeannette McMahan, MS, LPCC

Known for her kind and compassionate demeanor paired with her whole health perspective, Jeannette McMahan takes an integrated approach to her work as a holistic counselor for Colorado Natural Medicine + Acupuncture. 

With a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, Jeannette believes that each piece of one’s health – body, mind, and spirituality are necessary for complete healing.  She explores how each is connected and then provides personalized comprehensive plans moving forward.

Specifically, Jeannette’s work as a holistic counselor comprises of:

            – talk therapy (traditional western mental health counseling)

Combined with functional medicine therapies in the Colorado Natural Medicine + Acupuncture office such as, but not limited to:         

            – acupuncture

            – nutritional counseling

            – hormone testing

            – targeted exercise plans

            – herbal and oil therapies

Each client has their individual goals and needs in which Jeannette works relentlessly to discover the perfect plan (which may include some or all of the functional medicine therapies listed or others) for a client’s best self.  Along the way, she provides responsive mentoring and counseling to ensure a client is fully understood and encouraged.  

Jeannette’s holistic counseling treats clients dealing with:           

            – depression

            – anxiety

            – grief and loss

            – stress

            – trauma

            – relationship challenges

            and other mental health concerns.

With a background of growing up with doctors that were mostly naturopathic and a family that was acutely conscious about nutrition, sleep, and exercise, Jeannette is personally mindful of how all aspects affect mental health. 

Her principal goal now is bringing awareness to others of the connectedness of our mind, body, and spirituality for our best selves. 

Jeannette holds a bachelor’s degree in communication theory from Metro State University and a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from the University of Phoenix. Her previous experience includes mental health counseling for individuals, families and children.  Her interest in integrated natural therapies and mental health has led her to additional holistic health counseling education which she is delighted to share with patients at Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture.

At CNMA, we offer services to residents in the areas of Castle Rock, Larkspur, Monument, Lone Tree, Parker, and surrounding areas.