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Authentic Work, Organic Results.

It’s not easy being a small business owner.  The marketing, the accounting, the employees, not to mention keeping up in your own profession.  How do you do it all – particularly with a solid, honest, and hard-working team?

CNMA has asked that exact question.

However, over the past few years, a dynamic team has been created to help specifically with marketing endeavors at CNMA.  Now, with this strategic and committed team:

– all organic traffic (combination of website, social media, in-office, Fullslate) has increased over 50%

– monthly increases in qualified organic website traffic

– a blog and newsletter is sent to over 2,000 clients weekly

– daily social media posts with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are encouraging dialogue

– key words and links are skillfully intertwined within website pages for top searches

We are now delighted to take the stress off of you and offer our services for your business.

Who are we?
A team consisting of a website/online specialist, a writer, and a social media consultant comprise our marketing team along with Dr. Adam Graves, Naturopathic Doctor and small business owner himself.

Cost effective, time efficient, and authentic copy marketing solutions based on your specific needs are what we specialize in. We take care of each business individually, with a goal of encouraging ideal prospecting clients to engage in your services so you can do what you love most – your desired profession!

We do not:

– require a contract

– offer inauthentic trendy and flashy marketing techniques

– focus on vanity numbers which are not helpful for credible marketing growth

– conduct paid ads, our goal is to grow organically

We do:

– talk with you directly about your goals and company character

– analyze and critically think of solutions

– provide authentic content

– work hard and honestly for the good of your company

What we charge:
Pricing is based on an hourly basis, established on the desired level of marketing endeavors you request. Typical small business custom packages include, but are not limited to:

– website analysis

– SEO based web copy for specialty web pages

– (1-2) monthly blogs

– (1-2) monthly e-newsletters

– (2) hours per month social media tagging and posts

Please know that this is simply a foundational marketing package for small businesses. Depending on your particular needs, we can easily create a custom package just for you.

Contact us:
For a customized proposal, free SEO website assessment, and additional information/ please contact Dr. Adam  Graves at (303) 688-6698 or at