Heavy Metal Toxicity Test

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True, we do not live in a third world country.  No, most of our paints these days do not contain harmful levels of lead.  And for the most part, our water systems are clean and safe.  So, why are we talking about heavy metal toxicity?

Because exposure to certain elements over time – even in our country and this day and age, can create toxicity.  If you are experiencing certain symptoms that seem to have no found cause, it may be time to get tested for heavy metal toxicity. 

What is heavy metal toxicity?
Not something that is talked about often, but something that is of great importance is the occurrence of toxic levels of heavy metals in our bodies.  While it is true that our body requires some heavy metals to survive (think zinc and magnesium, for example), toxic amounts of these and of additional non-essential heavy metals can be dangerous for our system. 

Toxicity from a heavy metal can can affect almost any tissue in the body and stimulate concerning symptoms and potential disease.  It may even attribute to disease such as infertility, heart disease, neurological disorders, Alzheimer's, and cancer.

A heavy metal toxicity test may help discover any lurking toxins in your body that could be causing a variety of symptoms and can be treated accordingly.

What are the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity?
Following are classic symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, but additional symptoms may be present:

            – Chronic pain – specifically throughout the body’s muscles and tendons or soft tissue

            – Chronic malaise – feeling of discomfort, fatigue, and overall illness

            – Chronic infections – such as Candida

            – Brain Fog

            – Gastrointestinal conditions – such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, heartburn, gas,  and indigestion

            – Food allergies

            – Dizziness

            – Migraines and headaches

            – Visual disturbances

            – Mood swings, depression, and/or anxiety

            – Nervous system malfunctions – burning feeling in extremities, numbness, tingling, paralysis, and/or electrifying feeling throughout the body

What causes heavy metal toxicity?
Even though most of our environment, lifestyles, and food are safe, there are still heavy metals we are exposed to that can accumulate in our bodies over time. 

Specifically, the following factors may play a role in building up toxic levels of heavy metals:

            – Food and water containers and/or cookware: be leery of PFOA in non-stick pans and try to utilize containers that are BPA free

            – Air and/or water pollution: try to stick with filtered water and be aware of industrial areas that you may drive past or live by that could be harmful

            – Food: be mindful of fish that contain high levels of mercury like tuna and swordfish as well as high amounts of rice that could contain arsenic

            – Dental Fillings: older silver fillings contain mercury and could leak over time. Replacements can be made with newer and safer alternatives

Additional elements can cause toxicity as well such as certain medicines or supplements over time or exposure to older buildings with peeling lead paint.

How do I know if I have heavy metal toxicity?

With a simple blood test!functional medicine, functional medicine lab test, colorado natural medicine, castle rock

Our office tests for:

  • aluminum
  • antimony
  • arsenic
  • barium
  • bismuth
  • cadmium
  • gadolinium
  • lead
  • mercury
  • nickel
  • niobium
  • platinum
  • rubidium
  • thallium
  • thorium
  • tin
  • tungsten
  • uranium

If I have heavy metal toxicity, how is it treated?
Heavy metal toxicity can often be treated easily.  Depending upon which metals are in toxic levels, treatment can vary accordingly.

Typical treatment consists of liposomal nutrients (ie glutithione, EDTA, etc.) to eliminate toxins.


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