Tess Kramer, LMT

A massage therapist who understands that each of her client’s needs and goals are diverse and unique, Tess Kramer offers a variety of massage therapies for those searching for a healthier lifestyle and overall wellness.

As a graduate from Denver School of Massage Therapy, Tess believes in keeping her own health a top priority and helping others do the same.  She tailors each massage to an individual’s concerns and objectives, taking into account a client’s physical and emotion symptoms, any medical diagnosis, stress and anxiety levels, exercise regimens, and overall lifestyle.  During an initial visit, Tess explores the intent for massage (everything from relaxation to pain elimination), and creates a treatment specific to the individual. 

If you’re searching for a Castle Rock massage therapist, Tess is an exceptional choice.  She specifically specializes in:

Deep Tissue Massage: massage that treats the muscle and connective tissue surrounding it (the tendons and fascia) for working out “knots”, relieving tightness and tension, and generating overall relaxation and relief.

She is also is specially trained in:

Swedish Massage: therapy centered on relaxation and stress reduction.  This massage works on reducing tightness and increasing calm, loosened muscles.  Firmness of the massage can vary depending on an individual’s preference.

Sports Massage: massage that focuses on muscles distressed from sports or certain muscle movements and/or used to prevent injury.  Stretching and loosening of the muscles can allow for better flexibility, tone, and training.

Trigger Point Therapy: a treatment that finds tight, highly irritable “knots” in the muscle and applying pressure on the trigger point until it dissipates or decreases in pain.  A good option for those who want to rid tension and tight muscles.

Structural Massage: a modality in which the therapist physically stretches the muscle back into its normal length.  When the body is under constant stress, muscles tend to tighten and become knotted, which causes pain and abnormal posture.  This treatment can decrease muscle pain and encourage correct posture, fitting for individuals who work on a computer or drive most of the day.

Tess’s massage treatments may benefit those struggling with tension, anxiety, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, sports injury or injury prevention, chronic pain and/or tightness, and others desiring a relaxed and healthy lifestyle.

Tess is available to help clients reach their goals, whether that is simply relaxing, relieving stress and chronic pain, or all of the above.  She is stellar for all of your massage needs in Castle Rock.

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Tess and the Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture team offer our services to residents in the areas of Denver, Colorado Springs, and all the cities inbetween including Castle Rock, Parker, Lone Tree Highlands Ranch, DTC, and Monument.