Joaquin Murillo

Joaquin Murillo, massage therapist castle rock Colorado, natural path medicine

My focus is on fixing people.  

Not everyone is the same, so my technique isn’t static.  I believe in a blend of Chinese medicine energy and therapy work that reminds me of the flow of martial arts.  

The bottom line is that massage is important for health – it keeps you going, keeps you mobile, and releases toxins that contribute to disease.

That is how and why I fix people.

– Joaquin Murillo

Joaquin’s eight years in massage therapy paired with his education in Chinese medicine-focused massage has afforded him specific knowledge and experience that is hard to come by.

His educational background at Northwest Career College in Las Vegas was focused on helping treat people’s problems through massage and his experience has continued with work at Element’s Massage, Massage Green Spa, Massage Envy, and private home sessions.

His specialties include trigger point therapy, deep tissue, Swedish, medical, myofacial release, reflexology, and sports massage.  He credits his teacher that was from the border of China and Mongolia for teaching him how to listen to the body, discover what needs help, and then using his energy and techniques to fix it.

And his clients revere him for this.

His work includes massage for those dealing with pain, energy stagnation, and an overall sense of unbalance with specific emphasis on:



Golfers Elbow

Tennis Elbows

Riders Hips from riding horses

Lower Back problems

Siatic Nerve

Post Partum

Carpel Tunnel

Frozen Shoulder (rotator cuff injury)

Neck injuries

Post Surgery

Surgery from past years

Scar Tissue

Upper Back problems like bug knots in your traps

Tight Hips

Plantar Fasciitis

His clients range from runners to golfers to NFL players to military special forces generals.

When booking a massage with Joaquin, be prepared for a therapeutic experience that may be different from those you have had before.  His dedication to helping you feel better paired with his strong sense of how to do that can have you feeling balanced and pain free before you know it.

I have now had several massages from Joaquin Murillo and I cannot say enough great things about him.

When I first saw Joaquin, I was a mess. I had been through about nine other massage therapists over the course of three months and was desperately searching for new ones because none of them were helping. 

I had been in a car accident when I was younger and I have been dealing with the pain of it for more than half my life. My range of motion was severely limited and my muscles would pull so hard at my bones that they would dislocate them (also due to degeneration of my joints over years of damage) and it was a constant struggle to find relief. 

Joaquin came in and changed that. 

I now have more range of motion and can actually shrug which was not possible before. His massages are intense, but you can tell he genuinely cares about healing your body. He is an outstanding massage therapist that uses techniques that I haven’t experienced elsewhere and it actually elicits lasting changes to my body that have improved my overall health and happiness. I am still definitely a work in progress, but there is actually progress now and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  – Melisa

Joaquin is available for massage at CNMA; click here to schedule an appointment.

Joaquin and the Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture team of providers offer services to residents in Castle Rock, Franktown, Parker, Elizabeth, Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch, and surrounding areas.