Jennifer Slintak, LMT

Jennifer Slintak, Massage Therapist, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Gua Sha

The feeling of ahhh…it’s unmistakable during a massage.  The moment your mind begins to let go while your body begins to relax.  It’s a wondrous experience for your health and one that Jennifer Slintak specializes in. 

The blending of massage techniques for a customized, beneficial experience is not only Jennifer’s profession, but also her passion.

Utilizing such modalities as:

– Deep Tissue

– Sports Massage

– Stretching Massage

– Cupping

– Gua Sha

– Thai Massage

– Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Jennifer blends both Eastern and Western medicine to provide an individualized approach to physical and mental health.

Her background includes graduation from Denver Integrative Massage School in addition to several years teaching yoga.  Her extensive yoga knowledge paired with over 15 years of ballet experi has granted her strength, flexibility, and overall strong body awareness – a valuable combination for treating her clients’ issues as well as for providing recommendations on self-care stretches for between appointments.

Jennifer has owned and operated her own massage and yoga business and is now continuing to offer her exceptional services at CNMA, where she can be part of a team that works together for clients’ overall optimal health.

When not working, Jennifer enjoys living in Castle Rock and exploring the wonders of Colorado with her two kids.

“Working to help clients be the healthiest version of themselves is my ultimate goal and I am grateful to have this opportunity.  I simply want to help people feel their best.”

                                                                                                                        – Jennifer Slintak

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